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Pompeii is the most-visited archaeological site in the world, due to its many and well-preserved ruins is an excellent repository of details on quotidian life during Antiquity.   
The Archaeological Areas of Pompei was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1997, with Herculaneum and Torre Annunziata, considering that provide a complete and vivid picture of society and daily life at a specific moment in the past that is without parallel anywhere in the world.
Pompeii on 24 August 79 AD, due to the eruption of Vesuvius, the area of the city and suburban villas was buried under a thick layer of rock and ash. Since the discovery of the buried city, which took place in the eighteenth century, scholars have excavated important architectural remains.
We still have the main bore and public buildings in Pompeii such as the Capitolium (temple dedicated to Jupiter, Juno and Minerva), the Basilica (the court), and public baths, including the triangular hole, with two theaters. The largest of these has Greek origin, but reshaped according to the Roman taste. Among the other public buildings of note are the Stabiae Baths well preserved. In fact Pompeii, was a famous wealthy resort for Romans because of climate and landscape,but it is better known for its well preserved common people buildings, located along the roads such as the Surgeon's House and the house of the Faun, the House of the Chaste Lovers. One building that deserve note is the Villa of the Mysteries, which takes its name from the large murals in the cult of Dionysus that depict the initiation rites.

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from 01-10-2019 to 31-10-2019
With the arrival of autumn it is nice to take refuge at the Spa and relax among the aromatic scents of wine
- exclusive entry to the couple Spa for 90 '
- 60 'wine massage for two
During the Spa an infusion of red vine leaves with a stimulating and regenerating action will be served thanks to the Essential Fatty Acids of the grapeseeds and the Resveratrol of the red vine
Price €150,00 


from 25-09-2019 to 10-11-2019

-Exclusive access ( 2 guests ) to the SPA ( 90')

-Wine massage relax (  45')

-2 glasses of wine


Price € 140,00


from 25-09-2019 to 10-11-2019

-Exclusive entrance ( 2 guests ) to the SPA  ( 90' )

-Relax massage with Shea butter


Prezzo € 150,00


Weddings in Sorrento

Weddings in Sorrento

Getting married in Sorrento

The Grand Hotel President, 4 star hotel in Sorrento, with breathtaking views over the blue sea of the Bay of Naples and surrounded by the magical atmosphere of the Sorrentine peninsular is an enchanting location for a dream wedding!

Ample space split between salons and terraces, elegantly furnished public rooms; breathtaking views; fine cuisine; personalized menus with the best Partenopean and Italian dishes to choose from; expert professional staff and free parking for all the guests make the Grand Hotel President the ideal place to celebrate your wedding reception in Sorrento!

Our experience of receptions done with passion and courtesy is at your disposal to create together with you a day which will reflect your needs and tastes.

Our very well looked after garden with it’s wonderful views will be an unforgettable to take the photos of your special day.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday


Are you looking for the perfect location to have your birthday party?


Choose to stay in our hotel the day of your birthday and you will have a pleasant surprise:

-          Breakfast served in the room;

-          fruit basket in room

-          Birthday cake if you stay in half board basis


Information request or check prices and availability on line!