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An ETHICAL hotel in the heart of the Sorrento Peninsula

Our attention is constantly addressed to customers, the environment, staff and the local community.

Ownership and Management of Grand Hotel President are constantly engaged in a path that lies behind tends to make our hotel a sustainable structure to 360°, both in terms of environmental impact, both in terms of staff management and all stakeholders involved in business processes.

In particular, every day we are committed to:

  • Ask objectives and environmental targets, monitoring and showing result.
  • Follow all federal environmental law, laws and regulations, and help ensure that the current legislation is applied.
  • Preventing pollution wherever possible, and continually improve our environmental performance
  • Conserve our natural resources while minimizing our impact on the environment through education, example and the sustainable development.
  • Protect and enhance all ecosystems.
  • Minimize pollution by reducing the use of harmful substances.
  • Increase the environmental awareness of our employees, customers, suppliers and the local community, communicating our environmental policies and encouraging to adopt.
  • Work with our suppliers to adopt sustainable practices in our supply chain.
  • Inform and raise awareness among our customers regarding sustainable actions we undertake, because we are convinced that everyone can improve on our planet.

Everyone can make the world a better place!