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We work in Team

quality comes from collaboration.

Our team working ethics.

  • We respect our employees that we deal fairly and with respect, looking after to everyone regardless of age, disability, nationality, sex, race, politics or business, or religious commitment and sex.
  • our approach to the professional development of employees is very broad; we organize training courses and courses to help them in the execution of tasks and career development in our company.
  • we operate in compliance with laws and regulations relating to national tourism contract.
  • where possible, we employ people of the local community.
  • train our employees on the commitment required for a sustainable business to get them involved actively in achieving our goals.

We carefully select our supple, in order to cooperate with our actions sustainable.

  • We inform our suppliers of our environmental sustainability policy where aim is to make our structure more efficient and socially responsible.
  • All our suppliers are aware that we implement actions for reduced drug waste and for the Betterment of all good practices environment through ZERO WASTE HOTEL® Protocol.
  • In this perspective we encourage our suppliers to adopt policies consistent across the reduction of packaging, the rational use of energy and transport across product.

A close relationship with the surrounding territory.

  • We will maintain a close relationship with our local community, ensuring that all issues relating to our work are solved in mutual interest.
  • Where possible, We buy goods from local vendors.
  • We encourage our staff to volunteer in local community activities.
  • The protection of children is taken very seriously and we inform our employees about actions to take if they suspect some child is in danger.
  • a portion of the income from our business is intended to humanitarian programs.

Always attentive to the Health and security

  • Maintain a guarantee of quality for health and safety procedures
  • Our staff is trained to deal with emergency situations that deals with health risks.
  • Within our hotel there is a defibrillator.