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Upcoming Step

The environmental impact

The actions that will be taken during the next touristic season are:

  • Further reduce the total waste production, decreasing even weighing 20 tons through the water a year. After reaching high levels of recycling, it is important to work to reduce the total amount of waste, both of the other, which leads to a reduction of transportation for collection of waste, with a big reduction of operating costs.
  • Achieve 100% led lighting
  • Further reduce water and electricity consumption.
  • Plan a no plastic area.
  • The sustainability of a hotel part of the structure and the use of sustainable compatible materials establishes the basis of a green management.

For any future renovations will be used paintings Airlite ®, indoor and outdoor, that allow you to:
• reduce the pollutants in the air up to 88.8%
• reduce energy consumption by up to 30%
• eliminate 99.9% of viruses and bacteria from
• eliminate unpleasant odors from newspapers
• do not allow dirt to settle on the wall.

The actions to limit the environmental impact

The Grand Hotel President Sorrento since 2010 began to lay the groundwork for an increasing focus on the environment and from January 2015 has joined the Protocol Zero waste Hotel ®, which provides for the implementation of a number of good sustainable practices that have involved several departments of structure.

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